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October 4, 2014

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Part: 30230186

Category: Wheels and Casters

Part Description

Caster socket f

Additional Information

Nla all places as of 7/18/2011 no matches

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This part fits 272 models

Arkla: 3541KG7 A35AE A35AG A47AE Q4762 Q477C R4041 R5272 R528C

Charmglow: 1303M 1353S 15296 9631 C4SK6 CG640EP CG650EP D5272 E355M-5 E408M6 E5249 GC446517 GC506817 S5696

Grill Master: 259GM 52GS8 52XS8 56GS8 56GSW 56XS8 AG550EPB AG590CC AT455EPB AT550EB AT550EPB AT550EPB9 AT560EP AT590CC GG451EP9 GG451EPB9 GG455EP GG455EPB GG461EP GG461EP9 GG461EPB GG461EPB9 GG461EPBA GG461EPBE8 GG461EPS GG491CC GG506617 GG546117 GG546217 GG546617 GG546627 GG550EP GG550EP9 GG550EPB GG550EPB9 GG560EP GG560EPB GG560EPB9 GG560EPBA GG560EPBS GG590CC GL546617 GN550EP GN550EP9 GT461EPBA GT560EPBA HG455EP HG4659EP HG5409EPB HG540EPB HG5609EPB HG560EPB HN455EP HN4659EP LG560EPBA MG455EPB MG590CC SG3500HPB SG560EPBA

Kenmore: 920.158631

Sunbeam: 2452C 26222 26513 3369-A 34212 34222 35313 35413 3541S 35602 35608 35616 35713 35B21-0 35B21-1 35B21-2 35B3E 35B3G 35B3K 36101 36114 36201 36202 3620N 3630A 36603 36621 3669-C 36713 36719 36723 3689 3689-B 37202 3759 3759-D 3769 3779-D 3799 3799-L 37YDJ9 3829 3829-B 3839 3839-D 3839-M 3839-T 3849 3889-G 3899 3899-G 3899-Z 40C24-0 40D22-0 40D4A 40D4A-0 40T22 4764C 4764C-1 47A43-0 47A43-2 47A52-0 47A52-2 47C5E 47C74 47C74-0 47C74-2 47C7C 47D79-0 47D79-2 5244E 5244E-1 5282S 52B24 52B24-0 52C64 52C64-0 52C74 52D44 52D44-0 52D72-0 52D79 52D79-0 52D89 52D89-0 52D8C 52GS8 52GSM 52S34 52S34-0 52S69-0 52S79 52S79-0 52T72-3 52T72-4 55602 5560B 55618 55708 55813 55818 55918 56501 56508 56608 56613 56623 5669S 56713 5671S 5682S 5692S 56S79 57319 57419 57508 5750B 57619 57713 57719 57808 57819 5781A 67YDJ9 68YDJ9 8522C 85323 8532C 85429 8542C 85528 8552C 85623 85628 85723 86226 86423 8642C 86623 86628 8662W 87122 87523 A3558 A4754 B353E C4764 C4774 C5264 C526C C527E C527E-5 C527F C527F-5 C527K-5 D4779 D5231 D5252 D5279 D5289 D529C E353E E522C E5244 GG461EP9 GG461EPB GG461EPB8 GG461EPB9 GG461EPBA GG506417 GG506627 GG560EPBA GS407717 HG5409EPB HG5609EPB HN455EP S5264 S5266 S5269 S526C S5634 S5649 S5666 S5669 S566C S5678 S5679 S5696 ST4300HWC

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