Part GRFBL2010WP-07


FITS Black & Decker BL2010BPA

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December 22, 2014

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Part: GRFBL2010WP-07

Category: Other Parts

Part Description

Blade assembly

This part is also known as:

BL2010WP-07, GRFBL2010WP-07

This part fits 6 models

Black & Decker: BL2010BGC BL2010WG BL2010WP BL2010BPA BL2010BP Bl2010RP

This part may fit other models. Please contact us if you require additional assistance.

Part Categories for Black & Decker BL2010BPA:

Other Parts

Accessories for all Blenders:


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2GRFBL2010WG-03GRFBL2010WG-03 - 5 Cup (42 Oz) Glass Jar Ul
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3GRFBL2010WG-01GRFBL2010WG-01 - Measuring Cup Lid Insert Clear
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4grfbl2010bp-02 - Lid (black Plastic Bl2010bp)
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7GRFBL2010WP-07GRFBL2010WP-07 - Blade Assembly
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8GRFBL2010WP-05GRFBL2010WP-05 - Rubber Gasket
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9GRFBL2010BP-08GRFBL2010BP-08 - Black Jar Base
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Accessories for all Blenders:


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T812T812 - Cutting Board 8 X12 Inch
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