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October 4, 2014

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E to burner tube, gas dryer - motor bracket mounting, top load washer rear cabinet hinge, top load washer water valve mounting; 8-18 x .31

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Part: FRG131168200

Category: Frigidaire Parts

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Part Description


Additional Information

Frigidaire front load washer cabinet/panel screw, dryer (gas & electric) cabinet/panel screw, gas dryer - sensor to burner tube, gas dryer - gas pipe to burner tube, gas dryer - motor bracket mounting, top load washer rear cabinet hinge, top load washer w

This part is also known as:

131168200, FRG131168200

This part fits 198 models

Kelvinator: DHC230B2

Frigidaire: FFC05C3CW0 MR15N1 A05LE2N1 glws1233as3 glws1339ec1 glws1339es1 glws1439fc0 glws1439fs0 sws1649cq1 SWS1649CS1

Gibson: AL04A2NVA AL08B4EVA

Tappan: 56-1007-10-02 56-4404-10-05 56-4678-10-02 56-4787-10-01 56-4851-10-01 56-8474-10-02 56-8482-10-01 56-8692-10-01

Electrolux: SWSG1031DQ1 SWSG1031DS1

Frigidaire: GLET1142FS0

Electrolux: GLWS1439FC1 GLWS1439FS1

Frigidaire: GLTF1570FS0 GLTR1670FS0 GLTR1670FS1

Electrolux: FDB634CFS0 FEC36C4ACB FEC36C4ASB FEC3X9XCT2 FEC6X8XAB1 FEC6X8XAS1 FEC6X9XCC1 FEC6X9XCCA DW1805FL DW3200PW1 DW3350A1 DW3350F1 DW3350H1 DW3350L1 DW3350W1 DW5000A1 CFC05M0AW2 CFC05M0AW4 CFC05M0AW6 CFC05M0HW0 CFC07M1AW3 CFC07M4AW3 CFC07M4AW4 CFC07M4AW5 CFC07M4AW6 CFC07M4AW7 CFC07M4AW8 CFC09M4AW2 CFC09M4AW3 CFC09M4AW4 CFC13M6HW0 CFU17F3HW0 CFU17F3HW1 CFU17F3HW3 F82F166BW0 F82F206BW0 F82U20F3W1 FC182LTW2 FFC0522DW0 FFC0523DW0 FFC0523DW1 FFC05C3CW1 FFC05C3CW2 FFC05C3CW3 FFC05K0DW0 FFC05K0DW1 FFC05K0DW2 FFC05K1CW2 FFC05K1CW3 FFC05K1CW4 FFC05K1CW5 FFC05K2CW1 FFC05K2CW2 FFC05K2CW3 FFC05K3CW1 FFC05M0AW2 FFC05M0AW3 FFC05M0AW4 FFC05M0AW5 FFC05M1CW1 FFC05M1CW2 FFC05M1CW3 FFC05M1CW4 FFC05M1CW5 FFC05M5CW2 FFC05M5CW3 FFC0723DW0 FFC0723DW1 FFC0723DW2 FFC0723DW3 FFC07C2CW0 FFC07C2CW1 FFC07C2CW2 FFC07C2CW3 FFC07C2CW4 FFC07C2CW5 FFC07C2CW6 FFC07C2CW7 FFC07C2CW8 FFC07C2CW9 FFC07C3AW3 FFC07C3AW4 FFC07C3AW5 FFC07C3AW6 FFC07C3AW7 FFC07C3AW8 FFC07C4CW0 FFC07C4CW1 FFC07C4CW2 FFC07C4CW3 FFC07C4CW4 FFC07C4CW5 FFC07C4CW6 FFC07C4CW7 FFC07C4CW8 FFC07G4AW2 FFC07K0CW0 FFC07K0CW1 FFC07K0CW2 FFC07K0CW3 FFC07K0CW4 11-7969-00-01 57-2709-00-06 FEB374CCBF FEB374CCSF FEB374CCTF FEB374CHBA FEB374CHBB FEB374CHSB FEB374CHTB FEB398CESD FEB556CEBF FEB556CEBG FEB556CESF FEB556CESG FEB556CETF FEB556CETG FEB702CESA 11-1159-00-02 11-1159-00-03 11-1559-00-02 11-1559-00-03 11-1559-00-04 11-1969-00-01 11-1969-00-02 11-1969-00-03 11-2969-00-05 21KEMAWAD3 30-2237-23-01 30-2251-00-10 30-2251-23-09 30-2251-23-10 95-1967-45-01 ATC150BK2 HF30M FEB30XPFCA 46-2251-00-03 46-2251-23-03 46-2351-00-02 46-2351-23-02 46-2551-00-02 46-2551-23-02 46-2651-00-02 46-2651-23-02 47-2751-00-01 47-2751-23-01 49-2251-23-04 AW200KD1 AW701G1D 41739012890 41739012891 41739022890 41739022891 41749012890 41749022890 41759012890 41759022890 A2238C2 AC051N7Z1 AC055N7A1 AC058K7B1 AH153K2A1 AH154K2T1 AHW12NT2E1 AK087P7V1 AS139J1K1 AS227J2K1 A06LH8E1

Frigidaire: FFLE3911QW0

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