Part nex2606


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January 20, 2017

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Part: nex2606

Category: Knobs

Part Description

Control knob (plastic)

Additional Information

For models 720-0061/62/63/99/100/101/150/151/138/139/141/142/(740-750)0141/142/593/594.

This part is also known as:

KNOBNEX720-0138-NG, KNOB720-0062-LP, KNOB20-0150-LP, KNOBNEX720-0061-LP, KNOB720-0099-NG, KNOB720-0061-LP, KNOBNEX720-0150-LP, KNOBNEX720-0099-NG, CONTROLKNOBNEX720-0061-LP, KNOBNEX720-0062-LP, 16720010, 18-720-0063-LP, 16-720-0101-NG, 29-720-0139, 28-720-0141, 29-720-0142, 18-720-0150, 18-720-0151, KNOB720-0063-LP, KNOB720-0150-LP, KNOB720-0142, 21750-0141, 21740-0141, KNOB740-0142, 23750-0142, 23740-0142, 2606, nex2606