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November 24, 2014

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Part: NEX2608

Category: Temperature Gauges

Part Description

2" temperature gauge (indicator)

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Additional Information

May receive black or chrome face. production 20300394 for 720-0061/62/63/99/100/101/150/151/138/139/141/142/163/164/165/171/336/337/339/511/512(740-750)0141/142/338/584a/593/594/593a/594a/677/686 can also use nex144332 ^

This part is also known as:

HI720-0026-LP, HEATINDICATORNEX720-0165, HI720-0150-LP, HEATINDICATORNEX720-0061-LP, HI720-0062-LP, HI720-0099-NG, HI720-0101-NG, HEATINDICATORNEX720-0099-NG, HIN720-0099-NG, HEATINDICATORNEX720-0150-LP, HI720-0165, 2720010, TEMP720-0335, 2-720-0063-LP, 2-720-0100, 2-720-0138, 2-720-0139, 2-720-0141, 2-720-0142, 2-720-0150, 2-720-0151, 2-720-0163, 2-720-0164, 25-720-0171, 2-720-0336, 2-720-0337, 30-720-0339, HI720-0100, HI720-0337, HI720-0336, HI720-0061-LP, HI720-0138, HI720-0163, HI720-0063-LP, HI720-0339, HI720-0335, HI720-0164, 2730-0165, 2730-0337, 2750-0141, 2740-0141, 2750-0142, 2740-0142, 2730-0336, 4730-0336, hi720-0171, HI720-0142, hi730-0337, hi730-0336, HI720-0139, 2608, 2730-0164, 730-0511-4, 4-720-0511, 484122, NEX2608, 20000051A0, NEX484122, 05000764A0, HEATINDICATORNEX7200061LP

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