Part NEX3304


      Items arrived very quickly, were the correct items and worked very well for the intended purpose. I have Appliance Factory Parts bookmarked for future orders.

January 20, 2017

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Part: NEX3304

Category: Rotisseries

Part Description

Rotisserie kit

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Additional Information

For models 790-0094 for (720-0062/100/138/141/164/337/(740-750)0141

This part is also known as:

720-0094, ROTISSERIENEX720-0164-LP, 58652, ROTISSERIENEX720-0138-NG, ROT720-0337, 12750-0141, 12740-0141, ROT740-0141, rotiskit750-0141, ROTIS720-0337, rotis740-0141, rotisserie720-0094, rotis730-0337, ROTISORI740-0141, NEX3304, 3304

This part fits 15 models

Jenn Air: 720-0062 720-0062-LP 720-0094 720-0138 720-0138-NG 720-0141 720-0141-LP 720-0164-LP 720-0337 730-0164 730-0171

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