Part MCM020262332


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January 24, 2015

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Charbroil: 4632150

Members Mark: Y0202XC

Charbroil: 4632215

Members Mark: Y0101XC

Charbroil: 463231603

Grand Hall: Y0005XC-2

Kenmore: 141.16223

Grand Hall: Y0005XC-1 Y0005XC-1 REGAL04CLP

Charbroil: 4632235

Members Mark: Y0660 REGAL04ALP

Charbroil: 4632315031

Members Mark: P30C1D

Charbroil: 463234603

Grand Hall: MFA05ALP

Charbroil: 463231503

Members Mark: REGAL04ANG Y0202XC-NG

Charbroil: 4632236

Kenmore: 141.16226

Grand Hall: Y0660NG-2

Charbroil: 4632220 463233603 463234703

Patio Chef: SS48055

Members Mark: 296435 M3905ALP MEV05ALP MEV06ALP M3206ALP

Charbroil: 4632241 4632240 463232103 466231103 466231203

Members Mark: MONARCH04ALP

Patio Chef: SS48055LP

Charbroil: 4632210

Patio Chef: SS48055NG

Kenmore: 141.16233 141.16235 141.16673

Members Mark: M3207ALP

Charbroil: 463221503 463233503

Members Mark: Y0202XC-LP Y0660LP-2 Y0660LP Y0660NG

Kenmore: 640-117694-117

Members Mark: 04ANG Y0005XC-2 REGAL04CLP

Patio Chef: SS72LP SS72NG SS54

Members Mark: M3905ANG M3207ANG Y0005XC-1

Bakers And Chefs: Y0005XC-1

Grill Chef: SS525-B SS525-BNG SS639

Kenmore: 141.16123 141.16313 141.16315

Kmart: 640-117694-117

Patio Range: CG8400NG SK472B

Kenmore: 141.16313800

Patio Range: SS50072NG

Members Mark: Y0660NG-2

Kenmore: 141.16315800

Members Mark: MONARCH04ANG M3206ANG


Kenmore: 141.16655900

Grand Cafe: CGE06ALP CG108ALP CG109ALP

Grill Chef: SS72B

Patio Range: CG7200LP CG7200NG

Saturn: JH665SB

Grand Hall: CG108ALP CG109ALP

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Part: MCM020262332

Category: Igniters

Part Description

Electrode; chb, sams

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Additional Information

For grand hall same as p02609002b mcm02623 was p2623b

This part is also known as:

MCM02623, P2623D, P02609001B, CHRY0040011, P2623B, CHRP2623B, P02609002B, CHRP02609002B, 02623, Y0040011, CHRP02609002B, P02609002C, MCM020262332, P02609002BTEMP, P2623DSTEMP

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