Part 2607


      All the parts for my Jennair grill that I ordered arrived on time. I was impressed with the packaging to make sure that the contents were not damaged. I will use them again, for sure.

August 2, 2014

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The dimensions for this part are: 17 3/4" x 6 3/8"

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$18.54 On order

Part: 2607

Category: Grates, Heat Plates, and Angles

Part Description

Stainless steel heat plate


17 3/4" x 6 3/8"

Quantity In Pack


Additional Information

91231, 2607, mhp# ngchp2 (sold each).

This part is also known as:

2607, MCM91231, FLAMETAMERNEXS720-0139-NG, FLAMETAMERNEX72-0165, FLAMETAMERNEX720-0171, FT720-0062-LP, FT720-0061-LP, FT720-0099-NG, FT720-0151-NG, FLAMETAMERNEX720-0099-NG, FLAMETAMERNEX720-0061-LP, HP720-0062-LP, 56720010, 62720-0026, 57-720-0063-LP, 56-720-0100, 56-720-0101-NG, 11-720-0138, 11-720-0141, 11-720-0142, 60-720-0150, 35-720-0164, 49-720-0336, 71-720-0339, FT720-0164, FT720-0165, FT720-0336, FT720-0101, FT720-0138, FT720-0063-LP, 91231, FT720-0150, 39730-0165, 40730-0337, 59720-0145, 58720-0104NG, 43730-0336, ft720-0141, ft730-0337, FT-720-0063-LP, ft730-0165, ft730-0164, FT720-0171, FT730-0336, FT720-0339, 11506, 2813, 200846, NEX200846, 41-135419, 720-0145-LP-59, 33-720-0152-LP, 484155, 88720-0512, 83-730-0512, 04004538A0, 2410, NEX2410, 04000688A0, NEX2607

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