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Universal charcoal...


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August 17, 2016

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Part: 38002

Category: Filters

Part Description

Universal charcoal pre-filter


50 x 15.5 x 1/4"

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Additional Information

Universal charcoal pre-filter that eliminates odors. filter cut to 2 (48x16.5) 14all

This part is also known as:

HAPF-60, 115, 1185682, DP83125, 30901, 8171433, A0702C, A1000C, A2562C, A3502C, CAF150, D510, D520, DAPC130, E32, E33, E34, FP50R-X, H36, H91, H92, HAPF-31, HAPF-93, HAPF-94, HAPF-95, P00653, P30, PF155, PL152, 1053, ACA-5010, ACA-5020, ACA-5030, FP30, 35200, 38002, ACA5010, ACA5020, ACA5030, 600006, RYUDAPC130, 83377, 60001-PF, 60006, 16266, 9000009, 7400003000150, 9000071, HAPF220CS, 83120, 30903, B100-C, H31, HAPF-36, HAPF-91, HAPF-92, 31002, EV-1, EV-10, EV-15, EV-25, EV-35, EV-35A, EV-35B, FP33, 83155, 32002, 33002, 34002, 36400, 38500, 32001, 83156, EV1, EV10, EV15, EV25, EV35B, EV35A, HAPF36, HAPF91, HAPF92, 83157, 83125, 42-83152, 83152, 001161, E02, D530, 83134, 34001, 145522, A1230C, 14ALL, A1260, A1260CCS, 106753, 1053TWINPACK, CB53, 1183062, HAPF60PDQ, DP83120, 83176, 9000006, HAPF60CS, HAPF-60CS, 83237, 81260CCS, QBPH36-RPS, QBPH92-RPS, QBPE34-RPS, QBPH91-RPS, QBP14ALL, QBPE33-RPS, QBPD520, QBPPF155, RYUDAPC70, E33-RPS, E34-RPS, H36-RPS, H91-RPS, H92-RPS, 6618, 6620, DELRYUDAPC130, DELRYUDAPC70, A1260C, DAPC70, DELRYDAPC70, RYDAPC70, J9000000250, WPL83377, WPL8171433, 35002, 34002/38002, 8171433K, J9000000230, J9000000270, 85778, HAPF60PDQU, AOR31, 9000009TEMP, HAPF93, HAPF31, P30TEMP, HAPF220, HRF-AP1, WCSF, TRN38002, AP1, HAPF60, F-AP1, 14ALL-RPS, AOR31-U, DELRYUDAPC70TEMP, FP30-RPS, H91-C, H91C, HRF-API, HU30901, HWHRF-AP1, HWHRF-API, I4ALL, QBPPL152, A3502-C, CAF-150, EO2, HAPF94, P30-RPS, 83315, D176, H92-C, H92RPS, E33RPS, HAPF95, QBPE33RPS, QBPE34RPS, HRF-AP1C, F-AP1C, B003UH9I2G, 42-83155, 4283155, B072YS3QQS, B01FUELF36, HAPF-220, HAPF-97, HAPF97

This part fits 286 models

Bemis: 300 SERIES TT 338000

Bionaire: BAP1300 SH1860 BDQ24-UC SH1840 BAP1422 BAP1175 BAP725 BAP1250-U SH1260

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3800238002 - Universal Charcoal Pre-filter
Quantity: 1
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