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      They were very helpful in assuring me the part I needed and was about to order was indeed the right one. Thanks for great customer service!

September 6, 2014

    Sorry! This item is no longer available.
    We can't sell this part or provide any help.

  • We can no longer supply this item
  • Even if you contact us, we won't be able to help
  • We can no longer get it from any of our suppliers
  • The manufacturer no longer sells the part
  • There are no substitute parts available
  • We don't know of any other source for the part
  • We're really sorry, we can't provide any more assistance
Not Available

Part: 6417103000

Category: Frames

Part Description

Frame for filter

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Additional Information

This frame is the mate for filter 7408201000. sorry this part is no longer available, with no sub and we have none in stock.

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This part fits 24 models

Hunter: 16826 32300 32305 32307 32350 32500 32501 32505 32507 33300 33301

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