Part 01230148

AXLE 20.56 CF 99

      Web site is excellent. It was very easy to navigate and find what I was looking for. Item arrived right on time.

April 11, 2015

    Sorry! This item is no longer available.
    We can't sell this part or provide any help.

  • We can no longer supply this item
  • Even if you contact us, we won't be able to help
  • We can no longer get it from any of our suppliers
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Part: 01230148

Category: Axles

Part Description

Axle 20.56 cf 99

Additional Information

Sorry this part is no longer available, with no sub and we have none in stock.

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This part fits 239 models

Charmglow: CG640EP CG650EP CT3402W CT3402W-S

Grill Master: AG540E AG540EB AG540EP AG540WB AG550EPB AT455EPB AT540EB AT540EP AT540EP9 AT540W AT540WS AT550E AT550EB AT550EPB AT550EPB9 AT560EP CG441EP9 GG430HWB GG431H-D GG431H-S GG431H9 GG431HB GG431HB9 GG431HW GG431HW9 GG441EB GG441EP GG441EP9 GG441EPB GG441EPB9 GG441EPWB GG441H GG441H9 GG441HB GG441HB9 GG441HPB9 GG441HW GG450EPWB GG450HPW GG451EP GG451EP9 GG451EPB GG451EPB9 GG451HP9 GG455EP GG455EP9 GG455EPB GG455HP GG461EP GG461EP9 GG461EPB GG461EPB9 GG461EPS GG530EB GG530EB9 GG530W GG530W9 GG530WB GG530WB9 GG540EP GG540EP9 GG540EPB GG540EPB9 GG540W GG540W9 GG540WB GG540WB9 GG540WPB9 GG550E GG550EB GG550EP GG550EP9 GG550EPB GG550EPB9 GG550EPBS GG550EPBX9 GG550WP9 GG556HPB9 GG560EP GG560EPB GG560EPB9 GG560EPBA GG560EPBS GG560WPB9 GN550EP GN550EP9 GT431H GT441EPB GT441H GT441HW GT455HP GT461EPBA GT530W GT540EPB GT540EPBC GT540W GT540W9 GT540WX9 GT560EPBA HG455EP HG4659EP HG5409EPB HG540EPB HG5609EPB HG560EPB HG7620SPB HN455EP HN4659EP LG560EPBA MG431HW MG455EPB SG3500HPB SG4610HP SG5600SPB SG560EPBA SG7620EPB SG7620SP SG7620SPB SK7620SPB ST7520EPB WG431HW9 WG431HWD WG441H9 WG460HP9 WG541EPB WG541HPB9 WG550EP WG551EPB WT431HWD

Patio Master: HG415H PG4150H-0 PG4150H-1 PG415H PG415H9 PG4202W PT4150H PT4150H-1 PT415H PT415H9 PT4202W WG4150H WT4150H

Sunbeam: CT3402W EG5302RP FG3302W GG431HB GG455EP9 GG461EP9 GG461EPB GG461EPB9 GG560EPBA HG4310H HG4610EP HG5400EPB HG5409EPB HG5609EPB HG560EPB HG7620SPB HN455EP HN4610EP KG5300EP KG5300EP-0 KG5300EP-1 KG6420EPB PG4150H SG3300H SG3300HB SG3301WB SG3400EB SG3400HB SG3400HPB SG3401 SG3401HB SG3401WB SG3401WP SG3402WB SG3500HPB SG4310HB SG4310HW SG4410H SG4501WP SG4510HP SG4610HP SG5301W SG5400EPB SG5500EP SG5500EPB SG5500SPB SG5501EP SG5501EPB SG5600EP SG5600EPB SG5600SPB SG560EPBA SG6401R SG6420EP SG6420EPB SG6520EP SG6520EPB SN5500EP SN5500EPB ST3300H ST3301WB ST3400EB ST3401EB ST3401WB ST3402WB ST4300HWC ST4310HW ST4510HP ST4610HP ST5301W ST5500EPB ST5500HP ST5501EPB ST5600EP ST5600EPB ST5600SPB ST7520SP ST7521EPB WG3400HB WG3401 WG3421 WG415H9 WG431HW9 WG431HWD WG441H9 WG4610HP WG541EPB WG541HPB9 WG550EP WG551EPB WG555EPB9 WT3400HB WT431HWD

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