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July 12, 2014

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This part fits 86 models

Duracraft: DH8004 DH841

Honeywell: HCM3060 HCM2000

Duracraft: DA1000 DA1005 DH799 DH800 DH8000 DH8002 DH803 DH804 DH805 DH806 DH807 DH812 DH815 DH821 DH822 DH823 DH824 DH830 DH831 DH835 DH836 DH837 DH840 DH888 DH890

Honeywell: HCM1010

Duracraft: DH950

Honeywell: HCM1000 HCM1000C HCM2000C HCM2020 HCM2050 HCM3000 HCM3003 HCM3040 HCN5000

Kaz: 4100 V3500 V400 V5100

Honeywell: ECM250 HCM2051 HCM2052 HCM890 HCM525 HCM560 RCM832 HCM535 HCM535-20 HCM540 HCM550 HCM530

Kaz: V3600 V3100

Honeywell: HCM630

Duracraft: DCM200

Relion: RWM975

Honeywell: HCM646 HCM635 HCM645 HCM650 HCM6013i HCM6011ww HCM6012i HCM6011i HCM6012 HCM6011 HCM640BW HCM550-19

Kaz: V5100N

Honeywell: HCM632

Relion: RWM975N RCM832

Kaz: v4500 V3500N

Relion: RCM832N

Honeywell: RCM832N

Duracraft: DH8005

Honeywell: ECM250I HCM6009

Holmes: HM1761U

Hunter: 36316

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Part: PC1V1

Category: Filters

Part Description

Protec cleaning cartridge 1pk

Additional Information

Was pc-1bx kazpc-1 also replace hunter 31955

This part is also known as:

PC-1, KAZPC-1, PC-1BX, 31955, PC1TEMP, KAZPC1, PC1, PC1V1, PC-1F, PC-1V1, PC1F

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