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October 4, 2014

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Part: WP876775

Category: Filters

Part Description

Filter-air ac aftermarket


10 1/2 x 15 1/4

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Additional Information

24in x15in x3/16, 30ppi open cell foam. c df n/a

This part is also known as:

R0139413, 876775, 854925, 648008, 855246, 951039, 649958, 852344, A3445901, 854344, WPLR0139413, WPLA3445901, WPLA3445901, WPL876775, WPLWP876775, WP876775, L876775

This part fits 472 models

Amana: 5P2MS

Whirlpool: BHAC0500FS0 AC11904XM0 AC0052XM1 AC0052XT0 ACP052XM1 ACP052XT0 ACP492XM1 ACP492XT0

Coolerator: AR0500XT0

Whirlpool: CAW05A1A1 X05002V0 ACFE0940 ACFW0940 AHFW0820 ACE124XX0 ACH082XP0 ACH082XM0 ACR124XR0 ACR124XR1 ACR124XR2 AHFH0820 ALFH0820 BFRE123 BFRH123 BFRH81

Hampton Bay: BHAC1230XS0 BHAC1250XS0

Crosley: CAH12W04 CPT08D1A1 CPT08DA1A

Whirlpool: RE123 RH123 RH81 ACM062XW0

Coolerator: AR0500XW1

Whirlpool: X05002W01 A0W23W10 AC1404XP0 ACE082XM0 ACE082XP0 ACE094XM0 ACE114XM0 ACE144XM0 ACE144XP0 ACE144XS0 ACE864XP0 ACW082XM0 ACW082XP0 ACW094XM0 ACW094XM1 ACW094XT0 ACW104XP0 ACW114XM0 ACW144XP0 ACW864XP0 AHFE1440 BE93 BFRE81

Comfort-aire: BHAC0830XS0

Whirlpool: CET08E1A1 CET14D2A1

Comfort-aire: R1231

Whirlpool: RE81 1AHF08390 1AHF08391 AC0062XM1 AC0752XM1 AC0752XM3 AC0752XT0 AC0752XT1 AC1002XM0 AC1002XS0 AC1002XS1 AC1012XM1 AC1022XS0 AC1052XM0 ACH184XX0 AR1000XT2 BFRH183 CAW07A1A1 CAW10C1A1 CAW10D1A1 RH183 X07502V0 X10002V1 AC0052XM0 A0W23L10 AC0062XM0 AC0062XR0 AC0752XM2 AC0802XS0 AC0802XS1 AC1012XM0 AC1012XM2 AC1022XW0 AC10520M0 AC1052XS0 AC1052XS AC1202XM0 AC1202XS0 AC1202XS1 AC1202XS2 AC1204XM0 AC1204XT0 AC1352XP0 AC1352XS0 ACM052XX0 ACM052XX1 ACM052XX2 ACM052XX3 ACM062XX0 ACM062XX1 ACM072XX0 ACQ052XW0 ACQ052XY0 ACQ062XW1

Coolerator: AR0500XA0 AR0500XA1 AR0500XA2 AR0500XW2 AR0500XW3 AR0500XW4

Whirlpool: AR0500XW5 AR0500XW6 AR0600XX0 AR0685XY0 AR0700XA0 AR0700XX0 BFR51 BFR61

Hampton Bay: BHAC0500BS0 BHAC0500XS0 BHAC0500XS1 BHAC0500XS2 BHAC0500XS4 BHAC0500XS5 BHAC0600BS0 BHAC0600XS1 BHAC0700BS0 BHAC0700XS0

Chambers: BPAC0500AS0 BPAC0500AS1 BPAC0500AS2 BPAC0700AS0 BPAC0700AS1 BPAC0700FS0

Crosley: CA5WM4 CA5WM41 CA5WM42 CA5WM44 CA6WM4 CA6WM41 CA6WM42

Whirlpool: R51 R512 R513 R514 R61 R611 R612 R613

Roper: X05002X00 X05002X01 X05002X02 X05002X03 X05002X04 X05002X05 X07002F00 X07002G0 X07002X00 X07002X01

Whirlpool: ACM492XA0 ACM492XA1 ACM492XF0 ACM492XX0 ACM492XX1 ACM492XX2 ACM492XX3 ACP052XM0 ACP492XM0 ACP502XM0 ACP502XM1 ACP552XR0 ACP552XS0 ACP552XT0 ACP552XT1 ACP602XP0 ACP602XS0 ACP602XT0 ACQ062XW0 AHFP5021

Coolerator: AR0500XW0

Whirlpool: AR0501XT1 AR0600XV0 AR0700XT1 CAW06D1A1 R511

Roper: X05002W00 X07002W00

Whirlpool: ACP502XR0 ACW144XM0 ACW144XS0 AWFK1140 8AC2504XS0 AC1052XS1 AC1352XT0 AC1402XM0 AC1504XM0 AC1504XP0 AC1504XS0 AC1504XT0 AC1604XR0 AC1824XM0 AC1854XS0 AC1854XT0 AC1904XM0 AC2004XM0 AC2104XM0 AC2104XT0 AC2104XT1 AC2404XM0 AC2504XM0 AC2504XS0 ACE184XM1 ACE184XT0 ACE184XT1 AHF10120 AHF12020 AHF12021 AHF12120 AHF13522 AHF18041 AHF19140 AHF25040 AHFP6520 AHFP8120 ALF12420 ALF20040 ALF21040 ALF24040 AR1000XW0 ACH184XM0 ACM102XX0 ACP602XM0 ACP802XM0 ACP802XP0 AR0500XA3

Hampton Bay: BHAC0500BS1

Chambers: BPAC0500AS3 BPAC0500FS0

Crosley: CA5WM45 CA5WM46

Whirlpool: R515 R516 R517

Roper: X05002F00 X05002F01 X05002F02 X05002G0 X05002X06 X05002X07

Whirlpool: ACM102XX1 ACM102XX2 AR1000XT0 CAW08E1A1 AR1000XA0 AR1000XW1 AR1000XW2 AR1000XW3 AR1200XA0 AR1200XS1 AR1200XT0 AR1200XW0 AR1200XW1 AR1200XW2 AR1200XW3 BFR101 BFR1011 BFR121 BFR81

Comfort-aire: BHAC1000BS0 BHAC1000XS0 BHAC1000XS1

Whirlpool: BHAC1000XS2 BHAC1000XS3

Comfort-aire: BHAC1200BS0 BHAC1200XS0 BHAC1200XS1

Chambers: BPAC1000AS0 BPAC1000AS2 BPAC1200AS0

Crosley: CA10WR4 CA10WR41 CA12WR4 CA12WR41 CA8WR4

Coolerator: CAW12D1A1 CAW12D2A1

Whirlpool: R101 R1011 R1012 R1013 R121 R1211 R1212 R81 R811

Roper: X10002W01 X10002W02 X10002W03 X10002W04 X12002V02 X12002V03 X12002V04

Whirlpool: ACE184XM0

Coolerator: AR1800XT0 AR1800XW0 AR2400XT0

Whirlpool: BFR183 BFR243 BFRE183

Comfort-aire: BHAC1400XS0 BHAC1800XS0 BHAC2400XS0

Chambers: BPAC1800AS0 BPAC2400AS0

Crosley: CA13WQ4 CA17WQ4 CA21WQ4 CA25WQ4

Coolerator: CAW13E1A1 CAW15D2A1 CAW18B2A1 CAW19D2A1 CAW21D2A1 CAW25C2A1

Whirlpool: CET18C2A1 R153 R183 R243 RE183 ACM012XG0 ACM102XG1 ACM102XZ0 ACM122XG0 ACM122XG1 ACV102XG0

Hampton Bay: BHAC1000FS0 BHAC1200FS0

Chambers: BPAC1200AS2 BPAC1200FS0

Crosley: CA12WR42 CA12WR43 CA10WR4V0 CA12WRV0 CA8WR41 CA8WR42

Whirlpool: R1014 R1213 R812

Estate: TA10002F0 TA12002F0

Roper: X10002D00 X10002F00 X10002G0 X10002W00

Whirlpool: X12002V01 ACM102XE0 ACM102XF0 ACM102XZ1 ACM102XZ2 ACM122XE0 ACM122XF0

Crosley: CAR10RSP0

Coolerator: AR0500XA3 AR2400XA1 ar2400xa0

Comfort-aire: RA1210

Coolerator: AR1000XA0

Amana: 7P2MA

Whirlpool: AR0500XA0 AR0500XA1 AR0500XA2 AR0500XT0 AR0500XW0 AR0500XW1 AR0500XW2 AR0500XW3 AR0500XW4

Coolerator: AR0500XW5 AR0500XW6

Whirlpool: AR0500XF0

Coolerator: AR0501XT1 AR0600XV0 AR0600XX0 AR0685XY0 AR0700XA0 AR0700XT1 AR0700XX0

Whirlpool: AR1000XF0

Coolerator: AR1000XF0 AR1000XT0 AR1000XT2 AR1000XW0 AR1000XW1 AR1000XW2 AR1000XW3

Whirlpool: AR1200XF0

Coolerator: AR1200XF0

Whirlpool: AR1200XF1

Coolerator: AR1200XF1 AR1200XA0 AR1200XT0 AR1200XW0 AR1200XW1 AR1200XW2 AR1200XW3

Whirlpool: AR1800XT0 AR1800XW0 ar2400xa0 AR2400XA1 AR2400XA2

Coolerator: AR2400XA2

Whirlpool: AR2400XT0

Coolerator: CAW05A1A1 CAW06D1A1 CAW07A1A1 CAW08E1A1 CAW10C1A1 CAW10D1A1

Whirlpool: CAW13E1A1

Roper: X05002V0 X05002W0 X07502V0 X07002W0

Whirlpool: X07002W0

Roper: X10002W0

Whirlpool: X18004V0 X05002F00 X05002F01 X05002F02 X05002G0 X05002W0 X05002W00

Roper: X05002W01

Whirlpool: X05002X00 X05002X01 X05002X02 X05002X03 X05002X04 X05002X05 X05002X06 X05002X07 X07002F00 X07002G0 X07002W00 X07002X00 X07002X01 X12002V02 X12002V03 X12002V04

Comfort-aire: R101 R1011 R1012 R1013 R1014 R121 R1211 R1212 R1213

Crosley: CA5WM43

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WP876775 - Filter-air Ac Aftermarket
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