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      The perfect part. Easy replacement. Shelbie, their CSR online, was amazing. The original part was out of stock but she found me the last available of the updated part.

April 22, 2015

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Part: 3550W4A029B

Category: Covers

Special Order

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Part Description

Display cover

This part is also known as:


This part fits 511 models

Amana: ACM1460AB ACM1460AC ACM1420AB


Crosley: CMT135SGW

Friedrich: CPLMB186CC

Amana: ACM1460AW ACM2160AC ACM2160AS ACM2160AW

Lg: EM204-630 F1320W F1320E F1331E F1331W F1361E F1361W

Amana: F1961E F1961C

Lg: F1961L F1961W

Frigidaire: GLMB186CB GLMB186CS GLMB186KB

Whirlpool: GT1195SHB GT1195SHB1 GT1195SHQ GT1195SHQ1 GT1195SHT0 GT1195SHZ GT1195SHZ1 GT1196SHS GT4185SKB GT4185SKQ GT4185SKT

Bosch: HMB402 HMB405 HMB406

Ge: JE1340BC JE1340GA JE1340WA JE1340WAC

Kitchenaid: KCMC155JBL

Whirlpool: KCMS135GBL

Ge: JE1340WB JE1340WC JE1360BC JE1360GB JE1360WC JE1360WB JE1440BF JE1440BF-002 JE1460BF JE1460-002 JE1460WF JE1840GB JE1840WB JE1860BH JE1860CB JE1860CH JE1860GB JE1860SB JE1860SH JE1860WB JE1860WH JES1033BB JES1033WB JES1339BC JES1339WC JES1351PWD JES1351WB JES1851AB JES1851GB JES1851WB JES1851SB JES1855PBH JES1855PCH JES1855PWH

Lg: JES735BF

Amana: LD510 LD510S M1031E M1031W

Matsui: M130TCS

Goldstar: MA-1000B MA-1000W MA-1001S MA-1002W MA-1005W MA-1010W MA-1012B MA-1012W MA-1020B MA-1020W MA-1101BRV MA-1101WRV MA-1117B MA-1117W MA-1200B MA-1200W MA-1202B MA-1202W MA-1300B MA-1300W MA-1301RV MA-1301S MA-1302B MA-1302W MA-1303BRV MA-1305B MA-1305W MA-1403B MA-1403W MA-1417B MA-1417W MA-1420W MA-1500B MA-1500W MA-1502B MA-1502W MA1905B MA-2003B MA-2003W MA-2005ST MA-2117W MA-2120B MA-2120W MA-780M MA-780MU MA-781MU MA-782M MA-784B MA-790B MA-790W MA-900WM MA1720B MA1720W MA2120W MA2130W

Whirlpool: MB1110SLQ


Amana: MD10SS

Whirlpool: MH7135XEB-2


Lg: KCMS145JBT-1

Kitchenaid: KCMS145JBU

Lg: KCMS145JSS-1

Kitchenaid: KCMS145JWH-0

Lg: KCMS145JWH-1

Kitchenaid: KCMS145KBU

Whirlpool: KCMS135GWH MK1195XGB MK1195XGQ

Lg: MS-103XD

Goldstar: MS-104YC MS-104YD MS-105YG MS-106YG MS-109SC MS-110YG MS-113YG MS-114SA

Lg: MS-117SE MS-118SE

Goldstar: MS-132XC MS-133XC MS-133XD MS-133YD MS-134XD MS-134YD MS-139SC MS-141YG

Lg: MS-143YE MS-144YE MS-145SE

Goldstar: MS-152XC

Lg: MS-183DS

Goldstar: MS-193SC MS-193SJ MS-193YD MS-194YD

Lg: MS-214YE MS-217SJ

Goldstar: MS-701GMU MS-71MD MS-71MDU MS-71TC

Whirlpool: MT1071SGB MT1071SGQ MT1078SGB MT1078SGQ MT1100SHB-0 MT1100SHQ MT1105SHQ-2 MT1130SGB MT1130SGQ MT1131SGQ MT1135SGB MT1135SGQ

Lg: MT1145SLB

Whirlpool: MT1151SGB MT1151SGQ MT2110SJB MT2110SJQ MT2140SJB MT2140SJQ MT2145SJB MT2145SJQ MT2210SJB MT2210SJB-0 MT2210SJQ-0 MT4140SKB MT4140SKQ MT4140SKT

Lg: MT4145SKB MT4145SKQ

Whirlpool: MT4210SKB MT210SKQ MT4210SKT MT4210SLB MT4210SLQ

Frigidaire: PLMB186CC PLMB186KC

Amana: ULD510 ULD510S

Maytag: UMC5200AAB UMC5200AAQ UMC5200AAS UMC5200AAW

Menumaster: UMLD10E UMLD10SE

Whirlpool: VMB1130SHQ


Whirlpool: YMT1130SGB YMT1130SGQ YMT1151SGQ YMT2110SJB-0 YMT2110SJQ-0 YMT2145SJQ-0


Whirlpool: YMT5071SG

Goldstar: MS-103YD

Frigidaire: GLMB186KS

Kenmore: 89930 89929 89920

Ge: JE1340GB

Amana: LD10

Kenmore: 767.8892900 767.8892000 87929 87920

Amana: F1961SS

Kenmore: 87029 87020 767.8701000

Whirlpool: KCMS185JBL-0

Kitchenaid: KCMS185JBT-0

Whirlpool: KCMS185JBT-2

Kitchenaid: KCMS185JSS

Whirlpool: KCMS185JSS-2

Kitchenaid: KCMS185JWH-0

Whirlpool: KCMS185JWH-2

Kenmore: 60102 60109 721.61282100 721.61289100

Frigidaire: KM362W

Lg: KM362W

Frigidaire: KM36SW KM422W


Kenmore: 62342

Lg: 88910 88030 MS-144SW 88129 88120 767.8801900 767.8801000 88020 MS-147ST 88130 ACM1420AW MS-154XC JES1535WY GMS-1121TW MS-2143RSL MA1011W GMS-1020TW

Kenmore: 721.68100 721.69252 721.60282000 721.60289000 721.60483000 721.69109 721.69259990

Lg: MS-71GMU

Whirlpool: 7MT2140SJB-0 7MT2140SJQ-0 7MT2210SJB-0 7MT2210SJQ-0

Kenmore: 767.8210800 767.8211800 86910 767.8692000 767.8702000 767.8702900 767.8802000 767.8902000 767.8703000 767.8803000 767.8903000 767.8903400 767.8903900 767.8710000 767.8712000 87138 87139 89130 767.8914000 767.8914400 767.8914900 87930 767.8893000

Lg: 62349 MS-1642KSZ

Kenmore: 87910

Kitchenaid: KCMS145JSS

Lg: MS-184SJ

Friedrich: CPLMB186KC


Kenmore: 68101890 86920

Ge: JES735WY

Kenmore: KMS-74MEU

Goldstar: MA781MU

Lg: MB72MC

Ge: MS-74MBU

Kenmore: 60483

Lg: 62482 69211 721.6821189 721.6828179 721.6920089

Kenmore: 721.6921189.0

Lg: 87030 88920 88930 89020 89030 89034 89039 89140 89144 89149 CMT135SGW0 DMW10B DMW13MB DMW13MW F1340E F1340W F1560E F1560L F1560W GT1196SHS1 JE1350GA JE1350WA JE1360GA JE1360WA

Whirlpool: KCMS135GBT

Lg: LMA2111ST LMA2112WT LMA2113BT LMA2114BQT M1020E M1020W MA-1505W MS-134XC MS-2143ES MS-2143TSL MS-217ST MT0130SJB-0 MT0150SJQ-0 MT1100SHQ-2 MT1100SHQ0 MT1195SGQ MT4210SKQ YMT1135SGQ YMT5071SGB

Kenmore: 767.8801 767.88019 62312

Lg: LMS-1720TW MA1305B MS-1442WBS MS-144SU MS-147RV MS-147YT MS-184ST RCMT5158B

Kenmore: 62344 87010

Kitchenaid: KCMS145JWH

Kenmore: 62464 62469 62643 88339 63263 65223 65229 65222 61289 62462 62463 66462 66463 721.612831.0 87120 88929

Amana: MM-104XP

Kitchenaid: YKCMS135GBT.0

Goldstar: MA1502B MS132XC MA900WM

Kenmore: 60282 721.6028200.0 721.69252990

Ge: JE1340BC01 JE1340WB01 JE1350WA01 JE1360GA01 JE1360GB01 JE1360WB01 JE1360WC01 JE1860BH02 JE1860BH04 JE1860CH02 JE1860CH03 JE1860CH04 JE1860SH02 JE1860SH04 JE1860WH02 JE1860WH04 JE1860WH03 JE1440BF001 JE1440BF002 JE1840WB001 JE1840WB002 JE1860BH001 JE1860CB001 JE1860CB002 JE1860CB003 JE1860CH001 JE1860GB001 JE1860GB002 JE1860GB003 JE1860SB001 JE1860SB002 JE1860SB003 JE1860SH001 JE1860WB001 JE1860WB002 JE1860WB003 JE1860WH001 JES1033WA01 JES1033WB01 JES1851SB01 JES1851WB01 JES1851GB001 JES1851GB002 JES1851GB003 JES1851SB002 JES1851SB003 JES1851WB002 JES1851WB003

Kitchenaid: YKCMS145JBL-0

Goldstar: MS-144YE

Lg: MS113XE MS144YE MA1417B MA1500B MS152MC MS152XC

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Part Categories for LG MS-144SW:

Capacitors | Controls | Covers | Frames | Handles | Hardware | Microwave Parts | Motors and Blades | Other Accessories | Other Parts | Transformers

Accessories for all Microwaves:

Accessories | Chemicals | Other Accessories | Other Parts


Ref.ImagePart No & DescriptionPrice
0CZZW1H004S0CZZW1H004S - High Voltage Capacitor
View Part Info
0CE1066K6380CE1066K638 - Capacitor,al,radial
View Part Info
Not Available
More information


Ref.ImagePart No & DescriptionPrice
3B74133Q3B74133Q - Time Delay Fuse
View Part Info
3B73362F3B73362F - Micro Switch
View Part Info
0DD414809AB0DD414809AB - Diode
View Part Info
Not Available
More information
6930W1A001J6930W1A001J - Thermostat,bimetal
View Part Info
6600W1K001R6600W1K001R - Micro Switch
View Part Info


Ref.ImagePart No & DescriptionPrice
3052W1M006A3052W1M006A - Insulator Cover
View Part Info
3550W4A029B - Display Cover
View Part Info
3552W1A028A - Choke Cover
View Part Info


Ref.ImagePart No & DescriptionPrice
3213W1A031P3213W1A031P - Door Frame Assembly
View Part Info


Ref.ImagePart No & DescriptionPrice
1TTL04024161TTL0402416 - Tapping Screw
View Part Info


Ref.ImagePart No & DescriptionPrice
1TTL04024181TTL0402418 - Tapping Screw
View Part Info
1TTL04028181TTL0402818 - Tapping Screw
View Part Info

Microwave Parts

Ref.ImagePart No & DescriptionPrice
6912W3B002K6912W3B002K - Incandescent Lamp
View Part Info
6324W1A001L6324W1A001L - Use Eas42812937 Microwave Magnetron
View Part Info

Motors and Blades

Ref.ImagePart No & DescriptionPrice
6549w1s011b6549w1s011b - Ac Synchronous Motor
Quantity: 1
View Part Info
3302W1A033F - Base Plate
View Part Info

Other Accessories

Ref.ImagePart No & DescriptionPrice
3302W1A034A - Base Plate
View Part Info
Not Available
More information

Other Parts

Ref.ImagePart No & DescriptionPrice
4970WRA001G4970WRA001G - Spring
View Part Info
6501W1A006A6501W1A006A - Sensor Assembly
View Part Info
5006WRA002A - Fuse Cap
View Part Info
6908W3YA01A - Buzzer
View Part Info
Not Available
More information
3501W1A019C3501W1A019C - Lever Latch
View Part Info
6920W5A012A6920W5A012A - Contact Relay
View Part Info
4026W2A019A4026W2A019A - Locker
View Part Info
3390W1A044B3390W1A044B - Microwave Glass Tray 3390w1a044b
View Part Info
3536W1A004A3536W1A004A - Sealing Tape
View Part Info
5889W2A014D5889W2A014D - Turntable Assembly
View Part Info
6021W3B001V6021W3B001V - Assembly Cable
Quantity: 1
View Part Info


Ref.ImagePart No & DescriptionPrice
6010W2P043A6010W2P043A - Power Transformer
Quantity: 1
View Part Info
6170W1D023E6170W1D023E - High Voltage Transformer
Quantity: 1
View Part Info

Accessories for all Microwaves:


Ref.ImagePart No & DescriptionPrice
MW06TMW06T - Glisten Microwave Cleaner
View Part Info
T812T812 - Cutting Board 8 X12 Inch
View Part Info
1788517885 - Slap Ya Mama Cajun Seasoning 8 Oz
Quantity: 1
View Part Info


Ref.ImagePart No & DescriptionPrice
98QBP030298QBP0302 - Microwave Oven Cavity Paint In Snowwhite
Quantity: 1
View Part Info

Other Accessories

Ref.ImagePart No & DescriptionPrice
47504750 - Magic Lights Microwave Oven Tester
Quantity: 1
View Part Info

Other Parts

Ref.ImagePart No & DescriptionPrice
98QBP030098QBP0300 - Microwave Oven Cavity Paint In Off White
Quantity: 1
View Part Info
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