Part RO-157260

Belt royal oem...

FITS Dirt Devil 103

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December 22, 2014

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Part: RO-157260

Category: Belts

Part Description

Belt royal oem handvac (1 pack)

Quantity In Pack

EACH (1)

Additional Information

For #1 1-232240-001 royal manufacturer part no.: 1232240001 belt, hand vac prince & dirt devil style 1

This part is also known as:

STR28579, R-157260, 1050FC, R0-157260, RO-157260, 157260, 1-232240-001, 28579, R157260, B00FFP7VMU

This part fits 57 models

Dirt Devil: 103

Royal: 103 103B 10515 10515B 10563CA 10563CAB DD120 150CA 150B 150ZUK

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Ref.ImagePart No & DescriptionPrice
RO-157260RO-157260 - Belt Royal Oem Handvac (1 Pack)
Quantity: EACH (1)
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