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      The perfect part. Easy replacement. Shelbie, their CSR online, was amazing. The original part was out of stock but she found me the last available of the updated part.

April 22, 2015

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Part: 143-186center

Category: Water Tanks

Part Description

Gasket, center gasket only for tank cap


Diameter is 15/16 "

Quantity In Pack


Additional Information

This is the center seal on the water tank cap. reuse your old cap and replace this center seal. 15/16 x3/16"

This part is also known as:

143-186center, DH888-3, DH836-3, DH831-2, DH832-3, DH830-3, DH890-3, dh837-3, HWM2030-2, DH911-2, DH-836-3, DH-837-3, DH-911-2, DH-890-3, DCM200-CAP, 13CP890B000, DH8312, DH8323, DH8883, DH8903, DH9112, 753359863061, 772423030

This part fits 152 models

Duracraft: DH912

Holmes: HM3500

Hunter: 33230 33280 33250

Bionaire: BCM1845C

Duracraft: DH830 DH831 DH836 DH837 DH888 DH890 DH909 DH910 DH911

Ge: 106663

Holmes: HM1730 HM1745 HM1750 HM1855 HM1975 HM2059 HM2060 HM2060W HM3000 HM5080 HM850

Hunter: 34999 32300 32400 32500 33350 34500

Lasko: 1120

White Westinghouse: WWHM1840 WWHM3300 WWHM3500

Holmes: HM5150

Pollenex: SH55R

Holmes: HM1840 hm5305 HM3300 HM5175

Bionaire: BCM4510

Honeywell: HCM890

Holmes: HM630

Walmart: 106663

Super Electric: SH1120

Holmes: HM1850

Bionaire: BCM1855

Hunter: 34351 34355

Honeywell: RCM832

Hunter: 34357 32505 33282

Ge: 106609

Bionaire: BCM4530

Holmes: HM7203 HM7203RC HM7305 HM7305RC

Kaz: V3600

Hunter: 33203

Holmes: HM1865

Hunter: 34356

Bionaire: BCM1850 BCM1850-cn BCM7305RC-CN BCM7305RC

Hunter: 33331

Holmes: HM1888

Hunter: 33255

Duracraft: DCM200

Holmes: HM7306

Hunter: 32501 33232

Bionaire: BCM7203

Hunter: 33251 32509 37250 32350 33257 37232 32512A 34352

Holmes: HM2408

Bionaire: BCM7207

Holmes: HM5250

Bionaire: BCM7203RC

Holmes: HM630RC

Hunter: 32512 33252 37350

Bionaire: BCM630

Holmes: HM1889

Sunbeam: 1126

Holmes: HM7204

Relion: RCM832

Hunter: 37300 33301

Venta Sonic: VS100 VS207

Hunter: 32517 33250A

Bionaire: BCM6100U BCM7305

Boston Innovative Products: EH-01-342

Relion: RCM832N

Air-o-swiss: AOS7135 AOS7133 AOS7131 AOS7142

Holmes: HM1865P

Honeywell: RCM832N

Bionaire: BCM7255-CN BCM5555

American Red Cross: 7087

Holmes: hm7808

Bionaire: BCM7255

Venta Sonic: VS370

American Red Cross: Y7087

Bionaire: BCM6100

Venta Sonic: VS205

Hunter: 33283

Sunbeam: SCM631

Relion: RCM833N

Sunbeam: SCM1896 scm7809 SCM3502 SWM5250 SCM1866 SCM1762 SWM5251

Bionaire: BCM645

Air-o-swiss: AOSU600 AOSU650 AOS7145 AOS7147

Holmes: HM3501

Venta Sonic: VS350

Sunbeam: scm1895

Holmes: HM1895 HM1760 HM1845

White Westinghouse: WWHM1845

Holmes: HM1851 HM1851U

Sunbeam: SCM3501 SCM630 SCM7808

Vicks: V4600

This part may fit other models. Please contact us if you require additional assistance.

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