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June 14, 2016

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Part: 143-186center

Category: Water Tanks

Part Description

Gasket, center gasket only for tank cap


Diameter is 15/16 "

Quantity In Pack


Additional Information

This is the center seal on the water tank cap. reuse your old cap and replace this center seal. 15/16 x3/16"

This part is also known as:

143-186center, DH888-3, DH836-3, DH831-2, DH832-3, DH830-3, DH890-3, dh837-3, HWM2030-2, DH911-2, DH-836-3, DH-837-3, DH-911-2, DH-890-3, DCM200-CAP, 13CP890B000, DH8312, DH8323, DH8883, DH8903, DH9112, 753359863061, 772423030

This part fits 152 models

Duracraft: DH912

Holmes: HM3500

Hunter: 33230 33280 33250

Bionaire: BCM1845C

Duracraft: DH830 DH831 DH836 DH837 DH888 DH890 DH909 DH910 DH911

Ge: 106663

Holmes: HM1730 HM1745 HM1750 HM1855 HM1975 HM2059 HM2060 HM2060W HM3000 HM5080 HM850

Hunter: 34999 32300 32400 32500 33350 34500

Lasko: 1120

White Westinghouse: WWHM1840 WWHM3300 WWHM3500

Holmes: HM5150

Pollenex: SH55R

Holmes: HM1840 hm5305 HM3300 HM5175

Bionaire: BCM4510

Honeywell: HCM890

Holmes: HM630

Walmart: 106663

Super Electric: SH1120

Holmes: HM1850

Bionaire: BCM1855

Hunter: 34351 34355

Honeywell: RCM832

Hunter: 34357 32505 33282

Ge: 106609

Bionaire: BCM4530

Holmes: HM7203 HM7203RC HM7305 HM7305RC

Kaz: V3600

Hunter: 33203

Holmes: HM1865

Hunter: 34356

Bionaire: BCM1850 BCM1850-cn BCM7305RC-CN BCM7305RC

Hunter: 33331

Holmes: HM1888

Hunter: 33255

Duracraft: DCM200

Holmes: HM7306

Hunter: 32501 33232

Bionaire: BCM7203

Hunter: 33251 32509 37250 32350 33257 37232 32512A 34352

Holmes: HM2408

Bionaire: BCM7207

Holmes: HM5250

Bionaire: BCM7203RC

Holmes: HM630RC

Hunter: 32512 33252 37350

Bionaire: BCM630

Holmes: HM1889

Sunbeam: 1126

Holmes: HM7204

Relion: RCM832

Hunter: 37300 33301

Venta Sonic: VS100 VS207

Hunter: 32517 33250A

Bionaire: BCM6100U BCM7305

Boston Innovative Products: EH-01-342

Relion: RCM832N

Air-o-swiss: AOS7135 AOS7133 AOS7131 AOS7142

Holmes: HM1865P

Honeywell: RCM832N

Bionaire: BCM7255-CN BCM5555

American Red Cross: 7087

Holmes: hm7808

Bionaire: BCM7255

Venta Sonic: VS370

American Red Cross: Y7087

Bionaire: BCM6100

Venta Sonic: VS205

Hunter: 33283

Sunbeam: SCM631

Relion: RCM833N

Sunbeam: SCM1896 scm7809 SCM3502 SWM5250 SCM1866 SCM1762 SWM5251

Bionaire: BCM645

Air-o-swiss: AOSU600 AOSU650 AOS7145 AOS7147

Holmes: HM3501

Venta Sonic: VS350

Sunbeam: scm1895

Holmes: HM1895 HM1760 HM1845

White Westinghouse: WWHM1845

Holmes: HM1851 HM1851U

Sunbeam: SCM3501 SCM630 SCM7808

Vicks: V4600

This part may fit other models. Please contact us if you require additional assistance.

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