Part MCM000120001


      The perfect part. Easy replacement. Shelbie, their CSR online, was amazing. The original part was out of stock but she found me the last available of the updated part.

April 22, 2015

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Arkla: 241BC 3001K 3021K 3051K 3051KG 3051KG7 3501K 3602K 3602X 4041K 4041KN

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Part: MCM000120001

Category: Handles

Part Description

Lid handle ( universal )

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Additional Information

**if this handle is list for your model it mean your original handle is no longer available--one needs to confirm by measurement that this handle will work. maxium length on handle 24 inch minimum length is none wood grooved full length of handle. m na

This part is also known as:

MCM01200, 01130359, 11130456, 1116014005, 15221013, 30230150, B063080, B070282, B076792, CHR4154399, CHR5995052, 4154399, P0205C, CHR4090029, P0204C, 50002709, AP000102, AZ001320, HANDLENEX720-0138-NG, 113-2237-0, 15240116, CHR80005764, P00205031B, CHR4154474, AH000302, CHR55710169, 2810-3240-0, 5720-0062-LP, CHR4154281, 4154449, 4154474, CHR4154449, 4069886, CHR4069886, 4501056, CHR4501056, BRMB063080, BRMB070282, BRMB076792, HANDLELID720-0100-NG, 90427, 5-720-0100, 5-720-0141, CHR55710110, CHR55710317, CHR55710138, 03.6236.00, 03.6361.00, HANDLID720-0062-LP, 01200, 4090029, 55710110, 55710138, 55710169, 55710317, 5995052, 80005764, 113-8640-0, 113-3100-0, 113-3832-0, 1810-3100-S, CHR29101015, MJHAZ001320, MJH50002709, 5750-0142, 113-3240-0, H1GGP-2501, WEB90427, WEB78959, 03.6104.00, 03.6359.01, 2689, wh3b, wh-3b, 11130458, 11130462, G205-0002-01, 99040013, 212186, 29101015, 4154281, MJHAP000102, SP24-19BM, MCM000120001, 78959, 113-3100-0TEMP, 1116014005TEMP, 11130456TEMP, 113-3832-0TEMP, BRMB063080TEMP, H1GGP-2501TEMP, P00213023B, P00205031BTEMP, SLG2006C-05-01 , B063080TEMP, 000120001, 01130360, 01130361, 01130395, 11130359, 1130359, 1524-0116, 3023-0150, 7402S0018, CHAR4154281, CHAR4154399, HANDL052, HANDLID7200062LP, BTKSLG2006C-05-01, 01130377, 01150107, 0116014005, SLG2006C0501, SLG2006C-05-0, 03610400, 630155

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