Part MCM101160221-MCM707710227


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July 13, 2014

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Part: MCM101160221-MCM707710227

Category: Oval Burners Twin, Offset 2 1/4", 11602 with L-sh

Part Description

Stainless steel burner with venturi tube or tubes

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This part fits 228 models

Arkla: A35AE A35AG A47AE R528C

Charmglow: A47AE D5272 E408M6 E4734 E5249 R4041 R5272 R528C

Sunbeam: 3522E 3524E 3533A 3533B 3538A 3544E 3554E 3573B 35A11 35A11-0 35A11-1 35A11-2 35A1C 35A1C-0 35A21 35A21-0 35A21-2 35A4C 35B21 35B21-0 35B21-1 35B21-2 35B34 35B34-0 35B34-2 35B3C 35B41 35B41-0 35B41-2 35D11-0 402HB 402LE 4043E 4051E 4064C 40B01-0 40B2H 40B2H-0 40B3C 40C24-0 40D22-0 40D34 40D4A 40D4A-0 40D57 40T22 442EC 447EC 4700B 4743C 4743C-1 4744A 4744A-1 4749C 4749C-1 4754B 475LA 475LA-1 4764B 4764B-1 4764B-2 4764C 4764C-1 4770D 4774E 4780D-1 47A43 47A43-0 47A43-2 47A52 47A52-0 47A52-2 47A54 47A54-0 47A54-2 47A5C 47A5H 47A5H-0 47A5H-2 47B3C 47B43-0 47B43-1 47B54-0 47B59 47B59-0 47B59-1 47B59-2 47B64 47B64-0 47B64-1 47B64-2 47C74 47C74-2 47D79-2 5210D 5210D-1 5224C 5224C-1 5240E 5244E 5244E-1 5250B 5251D 5251D-1 525D7 525D7-1 525LC 525LC-1 5270D 5270D-1 527K7 5286 52B24 52B24-0 52B42-0 52B4C 52B4H 52B4H-0 52B52 52B52-0 52C64 52C64-0 52C74 52D3C 52D44 52D44-0 52D72-0 52D79 52D79-0 52D89 52D89-0 52D8C 52T72-3 52T72-4 5610K 5610K-1 562EC 563EC 5640E 566EC A350K-5 A3543 A354C A3558 A4754 A475L B352C B353C B353CL-5 B353CLM-5 B353E B402H B403C B423E B423E-5 B423F-5 B423K-5 B423W-5 B472C B473C B473CL-5 B4744 B4749 B474C B4754 B475X B4764 B524H C353E-5 C353E6 C4764 C4774 C5224 C525L C5264 C526C C527E C527E-5 C527F C527F-5 C527K-5 D3534 D3553 D3563 D4034 D4059 D4719 D4779 D5229 D5231 D523C D523CL-5 D523CLM-5 D5252 D5274 D5279 D5289 D529C E353E E3544 E354C E3554 E3564 E3574 E402C E402L E4041 E4061 E414C E4723 E4744 E4753 E475C E522C E5244

Thermos: 461630208

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