Part FRG5308016437


FITS Electrolux 30-1149-00-01

      All the parts for my Jennair grill that I ordered arrived on time. I was impressed with the packaging to make sure that the contents were not damaged. I will use them again, for sure.

August 2, 2014

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Part: FRG5308016437

Category: Frigidaire Parts

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Switch-auto shut of

This part is also known as:

FRG5308016437, 5308016437, B00574ZRCA

This part fits 222 models

Montgomery Ward: 93101C

White Westinghouse: MDH25YW1 MDDQ40FW3 MDH40WW1 MDH25YW2 MDH40WW2 MDH25TF4 MDD50WW1 MDD50WW2 MDH25YW4 MDH25YW3

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Part Categories for Electrolux 30-1149-00-01:

Frigidaire Parts

Accessories for all Ovens:


Frigidaire Parts

Ref.ImagePart No & DescriptionPrice
FRG3203459 - Valve
View Part Info
FRG5303310524FRG5303310524 - Receptacle Use Frg318328010
View Part Info
FRG3201911 - Lens, Oven Light (elx) Use Frg318406100
View Part Info
FRG5303212803 - #vp#nut
View Part Info
FRG3018610 - Glider
View Part Info
FRG5308016437FRG5308016437 - Switch
View Part Info
Not Available
More information
FRG240527102FRG240527102 - Bearing-hinge Use Frg5304507147
View Part Info
FRG5303013272 - Nut
View Part Info
FRG3202006FRG3202006 - Cord Use Frg5304515659
View Part Info
FRG5303284446FRG5303284446 - Switch Use Frg318005201
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Accessories for all Ovens:


Ref.ImagePart No & DescriptionPrice
T812T812 - Cutting Board 8 X12 Inch
View Part Info
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