Part 2B72754K

Ac synchronous motor

FITS LG ltm9000b

      I gave them the model # and specified what else I needed, and it was taken care of no hassle no problems. I THANK THEM very much.

June 18, 2016

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Part: 2B72754K

Category: Motors and Blades

Part Description

Ac synchronous motor


Voltage 120, rpm 3, watts 2.8, shaft length: 9/16" shaft diameter: 0.275

Quantity In Pack


Additional Information

Was 6549wrs001n qbp15qbp0111 motor, ac synchronous. 3 rpm product group microwave parts

This part is also known as:

QBP15QBP0111, QBP15QBP3843, 2B72754E, 2B72754K, 6549WRS001N, 6549W1S013B, 15QBP0111, 15QBP3843, 6549W1S007G, 6549W2S002H, 2B72754C, 5QBP2074, B001IA70PY, QBP15QBP2074

This part fits 384 models

Crosley: CMT135SGW

Amana: ACO1520AB ACO1520AC ACO1520AW

Lg: EXV1511B EXV1511BS EXV1511W F1320W F1320E

Whirlpool: GH7155XHS GH7155XHS-1 GH7155XKB GH7155XKT


Ge: JE1340WAC

Kitchenaid: KCMC155JBL

Whirlpool: KCMS135GBL

Ge: JES1033BB JES1033WB JVM1533BD JVM1533BD-003 JVM1533BD-004 JVM1533WD JVM1533WD-003 JVM1533WD-004

Lg: JVM1542BF-01 JVM1542BF-02

Ge: JVM1542WF

Lg: JVM1542WF-01 JVM1542WF-02

Ge: JVM1542WF-03

Goldstar: MA-1000B MA-1000W MA-1001S MA-1005W MA-1200B MA-1200W MA-1202B MA-1202W MA-1300B MA-1300W MA-1301RV MA-1301S MA-1302B MA-1302W MA-1303BRV MA-1305B MA-1305W MA-1500B MA-1500W MA-1502B MA-1502W MA-780MU MA-900WM MA-972M MA-972MW

Whirlpool: MH6130XEB-0 MH6130XEB-1 MH6130XEB-2 MH6130XEQ-0 MH6130XEQ-1 MH6130XEQ-2 MH6140XKB MH6140XKB-1 MH6140XKB-2 MH6140XKQ MH6140XKQ-1 MH6140XKQ-2 MH6141XKB MH6141XKB-1 MH6141XKB-2 MH6141XKQ MH6141XKQ-1 MH6141XKQ-2 MH6150XHB MH6150XHB-1 MH6150XHB-2 MH6150XHQ MH6150XHQ-1 MH6150XHQ-2 MH6150XHT-0 MH6150XHT-1 MH6150XHT-2 MH6150XLQ MH6150XLQ-1 MH6150XLS MH6150XLS-1 MH6150XLT MH6150XLT-1 MH6150XMB MH6150XMQ MH6150XMS MH6150XMT MH6151XHB MH6151XHB-1 MH6151XHQ MH6151XHQ-1 MH6151XHT MH6151XHT-1 MH7130XEB-0 MH7130XEB-1 MH7130XEB-2 MH7130XEB-3 MH7130XEQ-0 MH7130XEQ-1 MH7130XEQ-3 MH7130XEZ-0 MH7130XEZ-1 MH7130XEZ-2 MH7130XEZ-3 MH7135XEB-0 MH7135XEB-1 MH7135XEB-2 MH7135XEQ-0 MH7135XEQ-1 MH7135XEQ-2


Whirlpool: MHE14XKB-1

Roper: MHE14XKB-2 MHE14XKQ

Whirlpool: MHE14XKQ-1

Roper: MHE14XKQ-2

Whirlpool: KCMS135GWH

Lg: MS-103XD

Goldstar: MS-109SC MS-132XC MS-133XC MS-133XD MS-134XD MS-139SC MS-152XC MS-193SC MS-60BM

Whirlpool: MT1071SGB MT1071SGQ MT1078SGB MT1078SGQ MT1130SGB MT1130SGQ MT1130SGZ MT1131SGQ MT1135SGB MT1135SGQ MT1151SGB MT1151SGQ

Goldstar: MV-1304B MV-1310B MV-1310W MV1310M MV-1320B MV-1320W MV-1330B MV-1330W MV-1340T MV-1345S MV-1401B MV-1401W MV-1500MG MV-1501W

Lg: MV-1510M MV-1511M

Goldstar: MV-1515B MV-1515W MV-1525B MV-1525W MV-1555ST

Lg: MV-1560T MV-1561T MV-1565S

Goldstar: MV1304W MV1501B MV1501W MV1501BQ MV1526B MV1526W MV1502B MV1502W

Amana: MVH140E MVH140W MVH150E MVH150W MVH240E MVH240L MVH240W MVH250C MVH250E MVH250L MVH250W MVH340E MVH340L MVH340W MVH350C MVH350E MVH350L MVH350W MVH350SS

Panasonic: NN-S251BL NN-S251WL

Goldstar: TM9040W


Maytag: UMV1152AAB UMV1152AAQ UMV1152AAW

Whirlpool: YGH7155XHS-0 YGH7155XHS-1


Whirlpool: YMH7130XEB-0 YMH7130XEQ-0 YMH7135XEB YMT1130SGB YMT1130SGQ YMT1151SGQ YMT5071SG

Kenmore: 62779 62774 62772

Frigidaire: KM362W

Lg: KM362W

Frigidaire: KM36SW KM422W

Lg: KM422W

Kenmore: 62759 62752 721.62299 721.62292 721.63292 721.63293 721.63299 721.64282 721.64283 721.64289


Kenmore: 721.67602790

Lg: EXV1511BQ MV-1541AY

Kenmore: 79602

Lg: 79609

Kenmore: 721.67600790 721.67601790 721.67680 721.67681 721.67682

Whirlpool: 7MH6150XHB 7MH6150XHQ

Lg: YMH7135XEQ-0

Kenmore: 767.8510000 767.8577000 767.8519000 767.8591900 767.8597000 767.8597400 767.8779000 767.8879000

Lg: MS-102MC MS-93MC JES1033BA MD1147KL MA-1002B LMH1017CVW LMH1017CVST MC-1083KS MC-1083KSL MV-1501B YMH7135XEB ltm9020b ltm9000b ltm9020w ltm9000w MV-133TR MC-1043ACSL MD-0942KT MD-0943AT LTM9000ST MD-0953ATL LTM9020B01 LGM9020B LTM9020W01 LTM9020W1 LTM9000W01 JES1033WA-MWEGE MV-1541X MV-1304W

Whirlpool: MH6150XLB-1 MH6150XLB

Lg: 67682 721.6768 85910 85919

Dometic: DOTRM13B DOTRM13W

Lg: JVM1533BD-0 JVM1533WD-0 JVM1542BF-0 JVM1542WF-0 MH-7130XEQ-

Maytag: MV-1543M

Lg: MV-154S MV-154SD MV-154XD 69211 721.6821189 721.6828179 721.6920089

Kenmore: 721.6921189.0

Lg: 87790 88790 CMT135SGW0 DMW10B F1340E F1340L F1340W F1560E F1560L F1560W JE1350GA JE1350WA JE1360GA

Whirlpool: KCMS135GBT

Lg: M1020E M1020W MA-1505W MS-134XC MT0150SJQ-0 MT1100SHQ-2 YMT1135SGQ YMT5071SGB MA1305B MH-7130XEQ-2 MV-1501MG MV-1501W

Kenmore: 63293 63299 64282 64289

Ge: JVM1542WF-0

Goldstar: MA-891S

Lg: MC-1043ACS

Kitchenaid: YKCMS135GBT.0

Goldstar: MA1502B

Ge: JE1350WA01 JE1360GA01 JES1033BA01 JES1033BB01 JES1033WA01 JES1033WB01 JVM1542WF03 JVM1542WF001 JVM1542WF002

Lg: MV1380M MV153XD MA1500B MS152MC MS152XC MV1310B MV1515B MV1515W MV1525B MV1525W MV1561T

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